Suboxone Treatment Opening a New Door for Opiate Addicts

While traditional treatment of opiate addiction helps only a small number of addicts, Suboxone treatment proves to be a successful one, and it allows a new treatment paradigm. Over the years, it evolves into a successful treatment by causing abatement in intensity of active addiction.

For number of reason Suboxone treatment has gained such immense popularity. As discussed, it is essentially aimed to treat those who are struggling with substance abuse and chemical consumption. Visit Suboxone Treatment Clinics Pawtucket immediately to have the condition treated. The objective of the treatment is to have one prepared to combat the cravings and help one come out of it. Some of its advantages are as follows:

  •          Lower risk of abuse
  •          Accessible and private
  •          High success rate
  •          Affordable option

Essentially, Suboxone is composed of two drugs – Buprenorphine and Naloxone. The Naloxone is not required if the addict uses the medication properly. However, shooting dissolved Suboxone table into vein may produce instant withdrawal symptom, due to the presence of Naloxone.

Using Suboxone correctly can destroy the Naloxone in the liver shortly after uptake from the intestines, debilitating its therapeutic effect. The only active substance is Buprenorphine which should be taken under the tongue, for it would be destroyed in the liver if swallowed.

For those patients that have apparent problems with Naloxone, they are better recommended to take a formulation of Buprenorphine sans Naloxone called Subutex. Consult an expert Suboxone Doctor Pawtucket before taking any medicine.

There are also patients who have had gastric bypass, where the first part of the intestine is bypassed and the stomach contents move into a more distal part of the small intestine. In such cases, the Naloxone does not experience the ‘first pass metabolism’. However, with normal anatomy, there no such fuss. The drug is absorbed by the duodenum and sent directly to the liver by the portal vein, where it is quickly and completely destroyed. Due to the changes in anatomy with gastric bypass, Naloxone spreads into the bloodstream as it passes from the distal small intestine, bypassing the liver and producing mild symptoms of withdrawal.

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