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Can we set Ourselves free from Addiction?

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Drug addiction is a chronic disease which changes an individual’s behavior and he is slowly detached from rest of the society. Addiction can be from drugs like heroin or from any painkiller medicines taken without consent of doctor or any opiate drugs.

Suboxone containing buprenorphine and naloxone is a prescription medication given to patients as part of opioid treatment program along with counseling and various therapies. However, if an individual is on suboxone medication for a longer period of time, he may become addicted to that drug.

Pawtucket, a city in County, Rhode Island, United States has observed 346 opioid-related deaths in 2016. To reduce the number of deaths and help the individuals recover from addictions, many clinics and rehab centers are developed for treatment for suboxone addiction Pawtucket.

How will you know a person is addicted to Suboxone?

If you discover that any of your friends or relatives is taking Suboxone without a prescription or consulting a doctor, then he is actually addicted to it. Other signs which will prove that he is addicted are –

  1. If the person is ordering suboxone through mail or has already acquired several prescriptions so that he can easily buy the medicine from shops
  2. If needles or crushed pills are found in his room, it proves that he has mixed the medication with other liquids for injecting
  3. The person is losing weight at an alarming rate or is having a loss of appetite.

If any of the above signs are observed then it is proved that the person is abusing suboxone medication and immediate treatment must be given to him.

What are the side effects of Suboxone abuse?

It is very difficult to stop suboxone medication immediately as the detox from the drug has painful withdrawals. Nausea, insomnia, low blood pressure, blurry vision, constipation, slowed breathing/respiratory/ lung problems are short-term side effects and hair loss, poor stress management, unable to control emotions are long term side effects. Visit Suboxone Treatment Centers Pawtucket

Some side effects give pleasure to the individuals like – a sense of well-being, calmness, confidence level seem to increase, stress free, feels relaxed and relief from pain.

What are the consequences you have to face if high dose of suboxone is taken?

Any medication must be taken after consulting experienced doctors. The dose for Suboxone medication is given as per the requirement of the individual. Hence, physicians are the best person to understand the dosage as per your condition. If you take high dose of the medication, then you may have to face the following consequences –

  • Slow heart beat
  • Mood swings due to anxiety, tension or irritation
  • body functions are uncoordinated
  • feel sleepy
  • nausea, seizures and stomach pain and so on

What are the various treatments available for Suboxone addiction?

There are various treatments available for getting rid of suboxone addiction. The plan depends entirely on the condition of the person.  The therapeutic treatment plan includes –

  • Before creating a treatment plan the issues which has lead him to addiction needs to be evaluated. During the treatment process his behavioral disorders, mental health disorders, trauma and many more things need to be identified.
  • The plan created will determine the time required for a particular individual to recover, what are the sources available, the person’s goal for recovery and so on.
  • Personal therapy is required for those patients who find difficult to open in presence of many people. A one-on-one conversation will help him to share his issues clearly so that it would be easy for the therapists to plan his treatment accordingly.
  • In group therapy, one therapist attends more than one individual. Patients can interact with themselves and share their thoughts and views which will be a support for each other in the due course.
  • There are also other forms of therapies which a physician assigns to the patient depending on his/her choice. The alternative therapies include – Artistic therapies, Food based therapies, Exercise therapies, Animal-assisted therapies and much more.
  • Some individuals may be interested in holistic therapies like – yoga, meditation, drumming etc. which they are eager to continue even after returning to normal life.

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