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Suboxone vs. Sublocade: Key Difference and Method of Administration

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Sublocade and Suboxone are two prescription medications used for opioid addiction treatment. Both drugs fall under medication-assisted treatment. Although they show similar results, most suboxone treatment clinics don’t really bother defining the medical aspects. It is absolutely important to know the difference between the two drugs when choosing the medication.

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Both the medications are prescribed by professionals registered to treat opioid-addictive patients. Also, the medication shows great success when used as prescribed by suboxone treatment doctors. Both the drugs help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms in people recovering from opioid abuse. 

Each medicine comes with different methods of administration and with a different style of dosing. A patient may find one medication more convenient than the other. However, both Sublocade and Suboxone contain opioid agonist buprenorphine, which helps minimize withdrawal symptoms and ease cravings.

Method of Administration

Sublocade is a subcutaneous injection. One must be given in suboxone treatment clinics by a trained physician. Those patients with difficulty remembering medication daily or abuse Suboxone may go for sublocade medication. You can search on the web “sublocade near me” for the overall treatment process. However, a person needs to demonstrate they can tolerate it.

Suboxone is taken regularly. It is given once daily as a sublingual film that dissolves under the tongue. Dosage is prescribed as per the patient’s condition. Your doctor will slowly end the dosage once you start recovering. 

Dosage for Sublocade

Sublocade comes in the prefilled syringe as 100 mg per 0.5 ml or 300 mg per 1.5 ml strength buprenorphine. 

The recommended dosage of Sublocade following stabilization with transmucosal buprenorphine is 300 mg for the first two months, followed by 100 mg maintenance dose monthly. 

Doctors may choose to enhance the maintenance dose to 300 mg per month if a patient tolerates the 100 mg dose. If you miss a dose, better contact suboxone treatment doctors Pawtucket

Suboxone For Pain Relief

Suboxone is a sublingual film and is not approved for use as pain medication. It is only used to treat narcotic (opiate) addiction (opioid use disorder). There have been cases of deaths in individuals who consumed sublingual buprenorphine for pain relief at dosages that were beyond toleration. 

Doctors at suboxone treatment clinics Pawtucket recommend not switching Suboxone sublingual film to other medicines that include buprenorphine unless you speak to your doctor. Also, never stop taking the medication without the consultation of your doctor.

Key Differences

There are key differences between both drugs. Here’s what suboxone treatment doctors Pawtucket want you to know

  • Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone (opioid antagonist), while Sublocade includes only buprenorphine.
  • Suboxone is a film that you need to put under your tongue, while sublocade is an injection prescribed by suboxone treatment doctors Suboxone is prescribed single-dose daily by doctors from treatment for suboxone addiction Pawtucket, while sublocade is given once a month
  • Suboxone can be given by suboxone treatment doctors or at home, while sublocade needs to be injected by a health care professional (subcutaneously)
  • Suboxone has been available since 2003, while Sublocade was approved in 2017

Suboxone is generally initiated by suboxone treatment doctors as a part of the opioid treatment program. On the other side, Sublocade can be given to people who have been on Suboxone or another buprenorphine treatment for a minimum of seven days previously. Patients should be able to tolerate it.

Sublocade reduces the burden of taking daily medication. It also cuts the diversion or abuse of oral buprenorphine.

Seeking the Help from Suboxone Clinics Near Me

One may find numerous suboxone treatment clinics near your place. However, the internet has everything you want. All you need to do is search “sublocade doctors near me” or “suboxone doctors near me” to review the doctor’s clinic. 

Opioid addiction is undoubtedly fatal, and more than 130 people die each day. The sooner you seek help, the better it is. If you or any of your loved ones suffers from an opiate addiction problem, immediately seek help.  At our treatment center, we have professional medical staffs that run medication-assisted treatment and comprehensive behavioral and cognitive therapy. 

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