Suboxone is the first medication that has been approved by DATA 2000. This medicine has earned great name for the treatment of substance abuse. Suboxone is prescribed for speedy recovery from opioid addiction. A wide range of medications is recommended for take-home use and Suboxone is no exception as well.

Doctors recommending Suboxone to individuals must know that the medicine comprises an active component named Buprenorphine, considered as the partial opioid agonist. However, the effects of this ingredient are limited on human body. It isn’t as harmful as the other opioid agonists such as oxycodone or heroin. The other agonist present in Suboxone is Naloxone which makes it hard for one to dissolve and inject it.

Placing Suboxone under the tongue is looked upon as the best way to take the medicine. A minimal amount of Naloxone reaches the bloodstream if taken as per instructions. Injecting Naloxone shows the withdrawal symptoms quickly.

The correct dosage of Suboxone:

■ Diminishes one’s urge for using opioid.

■ Enables the patient to recover quickly.

■ Suppress the symptoms for opioid withdrawal.

■ Curb opioid cravings.

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